Sustainable digital transformation in the maritime sector

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About being a guest - Simplicity is the key

We know that many people hesitate to be on a podcast. Whether it’s a lack of time or other elements that get in the way, we understand it can be a bit intimidating at first. But we’re here to demystify the process and show you how straightforward and rewarding it can be!

Being a podcast guest is much simpler than you might think. You don’t need any prior experience, and it’s not much different from being in a virtual meeting on Teams or Zoom. We do everything digitally, through StreamYard.

 Production requirements

One common misconception is that you must spend a lot of time preparing to be a guest. In reality, podcasts are all about engaging conversations. The host is there to guide the dialogue, and you don’t need to rehearse every word. Just bring your passion, insights, and willingness to share your knowledge with the audience.

Technically, all you need is a laptop with a camera and microphone, a quiet room with good lighting conditions – preferably facing a window – and quality/stable internet. 

You and the host can meet digitally beforehand to discuss the topic and any questions you may have, although this is not essential for the recording.

A stage for your expertise


Participating in a podcast is an excellent way to share your knowledge, connect with a broader audience, and expand your reach. It’s an opportunity to showcase your competence and build your personal brand. Plus, you’ll have the chance to connect with fellow professionals and podcast hosts who are passionate about the same topics.

The discussion will center around a specific topic within the maritime industry, as outlined in your invitation as the invited guest. The host will curate thoughtful questions and provide guidance to steer the conversation effectively.

We hope you are onboard!

We at LØRN care about making things smooth and enjoyable! If there are any questions regarding joining the podcast, don’t hesitate to ask! We’d love to have you join our community of dedicated professionals making a difference, one episode at a time!

About the program

Akademisk kunnskap

Nettverk & Pedagogiske Portfolio

Praktisk kunnskap

The industry program is a collaboration between Lørn and University of South-Eastern Norwa, supported by the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills. The program is targeted at professionals in the maritime sector, both in leadership and operational positions. 


Goal, course objectives, and brief description

The program will give participants knowledge, tools, and methods for participating in a sustainable digital transformation of the maritime sector. The course aims to enable the participants to be vigilant and equipped for the digital possibilities and changes the industry is undergoing. 

At the end of the course, participants are expected to:

  • understand fundamental concepts in cyber security and management systems;
  • know the most important rules for the safe use of IT resources;
  • recognize security deviations and be able to report them;
  • pro-actively contribute to contingency planning;
  • develop practical and effective emergency response exercises that lead to better preparedness.

Course description

  • Four modules, 2,5 point-study credits each, ten credits in total;
  1. Context and Management
  2. Threats
  3. Security Management & Measures
  4. Preparedness & Exercises
  • A combination of academic knowledge with lectures delivered by professors from USN (Universty of South-Eastern Norway), podcasts with professionals from the industry, and immersive VR/AR modules for hands-on training in real-life scenarios;
  • All the content is delivered in English.

Target audience

The course is designed for professionals across the maritime spectrum, including shipping, strategy, and management employees. It caters to individuals working in both onshore and offshore organizations. Participants from various industry segments, including critical suppliers, are encouraged to enroll.

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About LØRN

LØRN is a company dedicated to lifelong learning. Through collaboration with Norway’s leading experts, industries, and educational institutions, we create multimedia-based learning experiences.

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